About Us

St. Matthews Exterminating

St. Matthews Exterminating

We’ve been around since 1969, solving every kind of pest problem you can imagine.

In more than 50 years, we have gotten weevils out of pantries, rats out of locker rooms, roaches out of bathrooms and ants out of everything.

We’ve helped people regain the safety and comfort of their homes and places of businesses.  So, no matter what pest problem you have, odds are we’ve tackled it before.

In our industry, that kind of longevity can be rare.  Because in our business, clients don’t typically trumpet our success to their friends and neighbors.  They’d prefer that no one ever know they’ve had bugs or mice,  or earwigs, or silverfish.

So we guarantee our services until you’re 100% satisfied.

That’s why our reputation has grown quietly—but consistently—for five decades. Our goal is to make your problem our next success story.  Even if no one knows but you.