Because every job is different, we have developed multiple systems and strategies to effectively control pest infestations.  First, on every job, we send a certified inspector to evaluate your situation.  This service is always free.

After a thorough inspection, we develop an estimate for your review.  Services offered include, but are not limited to, baiting systems, perimeter treatments, and interior applications.  Some jobs require just one general clean-out, others require maintenance treatments that may be applied monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.



Roaches invade in a variety of ways. They are incredible survivors and reproduce at an unbelievable rate. If you see one, there are certainly many more hiding in cabinets or other dark places. Roaches are controlled by baiting and by applying pesticides and growth regulators. It is also critical to eliminate  areas where they harbor.

Other common pests include silverfish, ants, crickets and spiders. They are controlled using effective interior and exterior treatments specific to each pest.

Mosquitoes thrive in humid, dense conditions.  Their bites produce allergic reactions and they can transmit diseases such as the West Nile virus.  During the summer months, we offer mosquito control services which treat water sources and landscaping to minimize infestations.  This monthly service is offered March through October.  As well, we offer one-time applications for your special outdoor events.

Bed bugs are the new hot topic in pest control.  Although studies indicate that they do not spread disease, they do harbor human pathogens, their bites produce allergic reactions, they travel to new places easily, and they reproduce very quickly.  We control bed bugs using the most effective EPA-approved insecticides available.  See our special report!


Termites need to eat the cellulose in wood to survive. They are best controlled by a combination of baiting systems and chemical barriers.


Carpenter ants hollow out wood to nest and lay eggs. They are controlled by regularly applying chemical barriers and eliminating access to moisture.


Mice can easily make your space their home. They carry disease, infest food and leave embarrassing evidence of their mischief. Mice are controlled by baiting and eliminating access areas.